Looking inward and outward (with the google of faith) – Part 54.

Posted: October 29, 2019 in Looking inward and outward (with the google of faith)

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter thoughts from various conversations under the sun, on another blessed day.

Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 54

1. It is good to know the things we got right and didn’t get right in times past; but when any of these become our meditation, we have flouted various scriptural commandments that counsel us to do otherwise by meditating on the words/laws of God in Christ Jesus. So, our failures, successes, fears and even the prospects of greatness ahead should not be our meditation, lest they consume the same resources meant for meditating on the words/law of the Lord (Phil. 3:13/4:8, Prov. 119:15/97-99, Ps. 1:2).

2. One way we can know that the power of God (Christ) is becoming more tangible to us, is when those thoughts that used to unduly earn our attention/meditation, cease to do so; or when things that previously disturbed our peace, lose their potency. This is how we accommodate more of the revelations of God’s righteousness, which would lead to more formation of Christ in us (Ps.119:165, Isa. 26:3/32:17, Rom. 1:16-17).

3. The nature that makes us to take thoughts for our lives came while our souls were exposed to various feasts of knowledge; from deficiencies in our upbringing even unto life experiences outside the true life that Christ’s Faith offers. The nature that would undo this old/former nature we acquired while doing so, would have to come by keeping the true feasts for our souls; firstly, the feasts of Christ (Faith, Hope and Charity) that empowers us; and then the very feast of God or of eternal life, where our souls come into the fullness of salvation (1Cor. 13:13, Jn. 17:3, 1Pet. 1:9).

4. Most thoughts that come to us concerning our lives or regarding tomorrow, especially while staring at our needs, come to keep our minds busy and wrongly focused. When such thoughts become our meditation, the enemy finds an avenue to think through us, and creates a competition to the order set by God whereby we should live by every word that proceeds out of His mouth daily; even the daily bread (revelation) from heaven that enlightens us to walk like Jesus did (Matt. 6:4, Deu. 8:4, 1 Tim. 1:14, 2 Tim. 1:13).

5. When a believer has hung his shield of faith or has become battle-weary or indifferent to holy things in Christ; even to truths meant to lead to the salvation of our souls, such a believer, most likely, has been struck by a fiery dart or a well-dressed thought/imagination from the enemy (2Cor. 10:5). Such a believer, most likely, has been caught in a thicket of a wrong meditation and has become familiar with the Holy Scriptures (Ps. 19:7-11, 73:1-25).

6. Unbelief is always geared against the promise of God’s rest and always feeds fat on what we wrongly observe; even things that quietly fight us from esteeming the pursuit of God’s life above everything else (Jonah 2:8). It has always caught up with everyone whose ultimate goal isn’t to love not his lives until he is totally separated from it – unto God’s life, and it has robbed many saints of their inheritance in God, even as many as have ended up denying the Father of a resting place in their hearts (Heb. 3:7-19, 4:6-11).

7. Many believers are yet to recover from the habit and consequences of meditating on vain things, even from conversations that always lead to a loss of life. When we meditate on the same things that a gentile (unbeliever) devotes his mind and heart to, our hearts get compromised. Our minds also get exposed to images that wrongly shape and influence the imaginations of our hearts, and it would take the revealed word of Christ and of God to purge, cleanse and make us whole again (Eze. 36:25-26, Jn. 17:17, Eph. 5:25-26).

8. Any day when we miss out in opportunities to delight in the Faith walk/life that Jesus Christ authored and authorized for our daily use, we most likely have missed out on meditating on it and must have failed to thereby receive the substances/life of His Faith, or haven’t unearth a fresh understanding on the conversation that led to His victorious feat at Jordan (Eph. 5:14-16, Gal. 2:20). We most likely haven’t redeemed time as we ought, and the evil of that day might have gone unchecked (Matt. 6:34).

9. Unbelief is born, when, like Adam and Eve, we ruminate on whatever the devil has to say concerning God’s promises to us, either through men or from thoughts originating from our ignorance. Such action always gives birth to words/thoughts that become raw materials for him to pile veils of darkness upon our hearts, and to blind us to the reality of life in God. So the only healthy thing to actually meditate on, is the law/words of the Lord. It was one of the trade secrets of Hebrews 11 saints; by it, they became mindful of God, and it should also constitute ours (Isa. 25:7b, Heb. 11:15).

10. You want to know how strong the systems of this world is, try living in a developed country and see if needs, bills and a year-in-and-out busyness that give no room for the true seeking of God’s life, won’t make up a chunk of your daily meditation. The world threatens us and lays hold on the jugular of this present life, but if we strive to have an anthem like Jesus’, which says, “suffer it to be so for now,” the acquisition of righteousness or of spiritual growth/stature mustn’t be mortgaged”, we would be empowered to break away its yoke and live perhaps 90% differently (Matt. 3:17, Lk. 2:52).


Tayo Fasan


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